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Harry Potter Characters

Welcome back to another blog post. Apologies for not updating too regularly, but I will try to do better 🙂


So, today’s blog post will be on Harry Potter Characters! You can talk about deaths that moved you (Fred :'(), your favourite characters and more! Don’t forget to comment down below <3



My favourite characters are probably Hermione, Luna and Bellatrix <3 They are all such powerful characters. I also like Draco and Fred!

I am also thinking of doing a post on ships ^^

15th Jan, 19

My absolute favourite character is Remus Lupin. He holds such a dear place in my heart.
Although Sirius would be a close second, I still, to this day, spend an embarrassing amount of time crying over his death. HE DID NOT DESERVE TO DIE, his life was so bad it just makes me CRY :,(

16th Jan, 19